R I V E R   M I R R O R S

   Caryn Moberly is the original designer of the River Mirrors. She first exhibited her River Mirrors in 2002 and they have been admired and purchased by buyers all over the world since then. She personally selects the wood and makes all artistic decisions on every single mirror and in that way maintains the beauty and quality in each individual piece. She has resisted scaling up the manufacturing process believing that the aesthetic quality of the hand chosen and hand made pieces speak for themselves.


 A British furniture designer whose designs are recognised for their originality and fun. Many of her designs are inspired by natural shapes, such as magazine racks and tables inspired by the shape of leaves, and chairs inspired by the female form. Her latest designs include the BOING stands for guitars and iPads/tablets. You can see them at www.boingstands.co.uk


 River Mirrors were chosen to be included in Swarovski Interior Inspirations 2014. Caryn has exhibited at a number of prestigious shows and has been selected to exhibit with the British European Design Group. She has also sold her products in Heals and Fired Earth stores. Caryn has an MA in Furniture Design and Technology at Buckinghamshire New University.


   “I love my river mirror design because it has all the elements of a real river valley. The shape of the banks is created by the effect of natural elements on the tree, the location of the tree and its history. The knotty burrs represent rock formations. Even the annual rings in the wood represent contour lines on a map.


   “One wide river mirror might meander gently whilst another might flow through a narrow gorge. This means that all of the mirrors are unique and they all vary in size. Sometimes it is possible to get similar mirrors where the wood comes from the same tree, but even then the mirrors will not be identical because as you cut through a tree, the characteristics of the wood change."


All River Mirrors are made entirely in the UK.

River Mirrors is a trading division of Boing Stands Ltd.

River Mirrors Designer guitar stand Swarovski untitled-96-560x380 river mirror pair