R I V E R   M I R R O R S


The mirrors are all individually made by Caryn and her team in the UK. Caryn selects the British hard wood, and makes all artistic decisions so that you each piece is a true work of art signed by Caryn herself.




The wood used to make the mirrors is elm from northern England and Scotland. All of the trees are felled and woodlands managed in accordance with Forestry Commission guidelines. The mirrors are made entirely in the UK.


Features of the wood

The mirrors celebrate the natural features of the wood which include the undulating shape of burrs, splits and holes. These  features are part of the beauty of the piece and give it its own character, making it unique. The wood has been kiln dried so it is suitable for indoor furniture. However it is a natural substance which reacts to heat and humidity. Therefore the mirrors are not recommended for bathrooms or directly over a heat source.


Wood colour

The wood colour may vary on different computer screens and will also appear different in varying lighting conditions. If the shade of the wood is crucial, we suggest you come to Henley-on-Thames to view your mirror before purchase.To make an appointment please ring 078008 45621. Always ring first as we are not always there and the mirrors are not on permanenet display. They need to be taken from the warehouse for viewing so please make a note of the reference numbers of mirrors you want to view and let us know in advance.


Hanging the mirrors

All of the mirrors can be hung landscape or portrait. Make sure that a competent person fixes the mirror to the wall using the appropriate wall screws and raw plugs.


Cleaning tips

The wood has been lacquered and does not need oiling or waxing. The best way of cleaning the live edges of the wood and any holes in the wood is to vacuum it with a soft brush, taking care not to scratch the glass or the wood.


The glass can be cleaned with water and a soft cloth. Never use

ammonia based detergents or other aggressive products. Spray the water directly onto the cleaning cloth to avoid excess liquid touching the wood or running behind the wood.  Do not let cleaning fluid touch the wood or run behind the wood.






aa4 river mirror pair River Mirror N13-13 closeup 2 River Mirror N13-11 closeup 2

Slimline mirror - detail


Classic mirror - detail

River Mirror slimline detail